Alicia Garrison

Alicia Garrison started making mosaics in the summer of 2008 through an apprenticeship with Philadelphia’s own highly- renowned mosaic artist Isaiah Zagar. Since then she has designed and created 3 large mosaic installations throughout the city, and taught mosaic classes. Her first large piece, Sunrise Readers, was installed at Belmont Charter School in West Philadelphia. It depicts an abstract portrayal of two kids sitting back to back while reading books in front of a sunrise. Her second project involved teaming up with students from the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf and Germantown Friends School to collaborate on a beautification & revitalization piece at Maplewood Mall in Germantown. Her most recent piece covers the inside of an entire closet at the Colored Girls Museum in Germantown, and has been featured along with the rest of the collection in Philadelphia’s annual Fringe Festival.