Elisabeth Nickles

Elisabeth Nickles is mixed media sculptor from Philadelphia. She recently returned from a residency at The Kathmandu Contemporary Arts Center in Nepal, located at the Patan Museum. She was chosen as the first resident artist for the FPAFA-KCAC Patan Museum Artist Residency awarded by The Fellowship of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Elisabeth traveled and worked in Nepal for two months, using traditional materials for a new body of work addressing environmental, spiritual, and social concerns.

“My work functions as a kind of personal mythology. Loose narratives weave from the subconscious, with the formal tools of observation and physical response to materials and events. Conceptually, I explore the human experience and its relationship to the biological systems in nature and our religious and social conflicts within that relationship.”

Elisabeth has produced bodies of work in bronze, glass, paper, painting and thermoformed resin. She has also completed several public works within the City of Philadelphia and has exhibited widely in the United States. She is a graduate of The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and received her graduate degree in Sculpture from Alfred University.