Leah Coonan

Founder of Leah Creation, Leah Coonan has been in the jewelry business for almost 20 years. After training at Moore College and apprenticing on Jeweler’s Row in Philadelphia, Leah has been branching out on her own as a jeweler. Leah feels Jewelry is much more than an accessory. It can be a symbol of love, it can mark a life accomplishment, a representation of faith, or signify memories; past, present and future. Having made custom-made jewelry for years, Leah understands the interest in unique apparel.

Leah continues to make custom jewelry in traditional metals and materials. Leah Creation combines traditional metalworking with unique designs custom tailored to express the customer’s style and vision. From her training as a fine jewelry model maker/wax carver, Leah is able to transform any idea into a fashionable and classy piece of jewelry. From silver to platinum to precious stones, each piece from Leah Creation exhibits high level of craftsmanship in combination with stylistic designs that makes your jewelry more than just an accessory; Leah Creation makes it a work of art.

It was through Leah’s experiments with alternative materials, the growing interest in recycling material and the desire for funky affordable accessories that Leah Creation’s Vintage Vinyl Creations collection was born. Since its inception in 2009, Leah Creation’s Vintage Vinyl Creations collection has focused on bringing music and fashion together. Her aesthetic flare has allowed Leah to feature the artist and artwork of the albums as the central focus of the jewelry in unique and complimentary shapes. Using un-usable LPs, each album is hand pierced into a variety of unique shapes and a finishing coating of UV and moisture protection shields your earrings from the elements. Initially consisting of just earrings and necklaces, Leah Creation’s Vintage Vinyl Creations collection has expanded to include all music lovers with a variety of accessories for everyone including belt buckles, tie clips and pins. And the Vintage Vinyl Creations Collection continues to grow with new albums, original shapes and new types of accessories such as cocktail rings, bracelets, broaches, and multi-layered necklaces. While the Vintage Vinyl Creations collection continues to grow Leah Creation has spread across the United States and is sold in boutiques in Philadelphia such as Philadelphia Magic Gardens, Urban Princess, Vix Emporiam, Repo Records and Jeri’s Curio. Leah has been hands-on not only in designing her jewelry line but also in promoting and selling her Vintage Vinyl Creations collection at numerous festivals.