ARTspiration! Logo

ARTspiration! visitors work on Mike Storm's new mural in Fleisher's parking lot. Photo: Dominic Mercier.

Fleisher’s annual community arts festival

This free outdoor festival takes place in front of Fleisher’s historic campus on the 700 block of Catharine Street and in the adjacent Palumbo Park. Family-friendly activities include art-making led by local artists, Fleisher faculty, and volunteers; musical and dance performances; and a variety of activities hosted by community partners. ARTspiration! has become one of Fleisher’s most beloved and anticipated events with attendance often exceeding 2,000 participants.

Since 2007, ARTspiration! has provided an open and easy entry point into the arts for people who are not familiar with Fleisher’s programs or art-making in general. The event also features many performances that showcase the rich cultural resources of Southeast Philadelphia. Youth from Fleisher’s own Teen Lounge, a free youth-driven afterschool program, also bring their unique perspective to the event as active planners and participants. By featuring such a wide array of performers and artists, ARTspiration! contributes to Fleisher Art Memorial’s mission to make art accessible to everyone, regardless of economic means, background or artistic experience.