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Sanctuary Series: The Magic of Storytelling with Tchin

Tchin is a nationally known artist and educator of Indigenous arts and culture. Through oral tradition, he tells stories portraying the creation of the world and how things came to be. In his energizing presentation, Tchin addresses important topics including cultural diversity, music appreciation, and environmental consciousness. These stories have been passed down through generations and illuminate both young and mature minds. Tchin brings the stories alive with his gift of magic. As part of this program, Tchin will perform and explain the seldom seen or heard courting flute.

The Sanctuary Series was developed in support of Fleisher’s mission to make art accessible to everyone. The series provides low-commitment learning experience for our creative community to explore its interest in the arts. Supporting and supplementing Fleisher’s regular class and workshop offerings, Sanctuary Series events range from artist talks, film screenings, musical and dance performances, as well as hands on workshops. The Sanctuary Series is free and open to the public.