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Dear Fleisher, 4 x 6 Inches of Art, November 16, 2014

Exhibition and Sale

Dear Fleisher, 4x6 Inches of Art is a biennial fundraising exhibition showcasing the work of hundreds of artists from Philadelphia and beyond. Artists submit original postcard size works in a wide range of media and styles, each of which is exhibited anonymously and sold on a first-come, first-served basis for $50. The anonymity encourages the viewer to respond to each piece on its merits alone. In keeping with Fleisher's value of accessibility, the $50 price tag makes it possible for a wide audience to support Fleisher and also to own an original piece of art. Only after selecting and purchasing a piece will a buyer learn the identity of the artist.

Proceeds support Fleisher's nationally recognized award-winning arts education programs. Fleisher's programs reach deeply into local schools and community centers, and have brought the organization powerful opportunities to advocate for and shape arts education initiatives throughout the region and the country.

Since its inaugural exhibition in 2004, Dear Fleisher has featured more than 2,500 works by 800 artists from Philadelphia and beyond and raised over $200,000 for Fleisher's programs.

Photos from Dear Fleisher, 2012 Exhibition and Sale.  © Karl Seifert –