Adaptations in Global Cinema (five-session class)

This five-week workshop offers a broad introduction to narrative cinema exploring its history, technique, and social impacts. Instead of studying Hollywood, European, Asian, and other global cinema movements separately, this class takes an innovative approach by including classic and contemporary films from around the world into one curriculum. Filmmakers are inspired by the works that came before them and the scope of their influences are rarely limited to the nation they are making films in. This workshop will help students to understand the complex relationships between filmmakers working in various national cinemas and explore the influences that gave rise to such genres as science fiction, slapstick comedy, monster movies, and more.

In an effort to cover more material, each session will include viewings of trailers and excerpts from multiple films in a conversational lecture. Sessions will include group discussion and analysis of the content as we watch it. Students are encouraged to watch full films on their own time and a list of all films discussed each week will be provided.

Participants must have a valid Fleisher membership. Please note that our tuition-free classes for adults fill very quickly. If you are considering purchasing a membership in order to register for a tuition-free class, please click “register” to check whether or not the class is full prior to your purchase.

Fleisher will be closed on Monday May 27, to observe the Memorial Day holiday, the make-up session will be on June 12.

What you will learn in this class:

  • Students will obtain a basic knowledge of film theory and film technique

  • Students will learn to apply complex concepts and provide in-depth analysis of film

  • Students will learn how to become an active viewer

  • Students will better understand the history of film as a global movement