Advanced Figure Sculpture

Do you have a familiarity sculpting the figure but want to work on your personal approach? Students can choose to combine poses, focus on a portion of the figure, add elements, or place the figure within a setting. At the beginning of class, we will look at a wide range of sculptural examples, from ancient to contemporary, that use and integrate the human figure. Students will have the opportunity to work on compositional and modeling skills while expanding their sculptural vocabulary. The workshop will begin with short poses and encourage students to work quickly and see the figure in relationship to other elements.

What you will learn in this workshop:

  • Sketches and maquettes in clay will be used to “warm up” before working on a longer pose

  • Unity and fluidity, regardless of style, will be stressed

  • Students will learn to plan and compose sculpture with a personal approach

  • Students will be introduced to artists and different approaches to sculpting the figure

Required supplies for this class:

  • Students will purchase clay to fire at the school store

  • Wooden modeling tools

  • Sketchbook and Folder for handouts

  • Calipers

  • Plastic bags and cotton rags