Animal Sculpture

Develop a fluid 3D vocabulary for animals in this hands on studio sculpture class working from live subjects with a variety of bones and multi-media support. Learn to break down the complexity of your subject with simplified solutions to structural animal anatomy with tips on materials and techniques.

After the second class we will focus on the needs of each individual student goals with tools and added list of supplies based on those needs. Digital media options including video clips of your preferred subject is advised but not mandatory.

What you will learn:

  • Comparative anatomy between human/primate, wolf/dog, deer, cat/lion

  • Learn ways to discern the form that lies under a heavy coat or complicated animal skin

  • Improve accuracy in seeing the live animal subject in space (perspective/foreshortening)

  • Develop new tools in perception and practice with memory work and maquette drills

  • Learn better studio practices that improve the link between dreams, inspiration and the subjects and materials you are interested in

Required supplies:

  • Five pounds “Roma” Plastalina (no Chavant, no Van Aken), est $12-$25

  • Small modeling tool set of 5-12; $10 (including wire cutter)

  • At least a dozen images of your subject

  • 12×12 (minimum) pine (or similar) board/ heavy duty surface to work on

  • The instructor will discuss optional supplies with you as the course progresses