Art of Assemblage

This class will explore the art of assemblage, the 3-dimensional cousin of collage. Over the course of four weeks, we will create small-scale sculptures using found materials of your own choosing. We will learn about the history of assemblage and assemblage artists, how to collect or create materials for your sculptures, and how to connect these materials with adhesives and hardware. You will be encouraged to collect materials in-between sessions so that we can spend class-time learning sculptural techniques and working on our projects.

What you will learn in this workshop:

  • The history of assemblage and its role in contemporary sculpture

  • How to use hand-tools and hand-held power tools to manipulate found objects

  • How to use adhesives, hardware, paint, and sculptural materials to build with found objects

  • How to collect objects from your surroundings and turn them into art

  • How to make or use displays to showcase your assemblage

Required supplies:

  • The materials that we use in assemblage can be almost anything, and they are often unique to each individual artist. Finding and collecting your materials will be an important part of the art-making process.

  • For the first class bring the following: a (preferably wooden) box of any size, such as a deep frame, a shadowbox, a cigar box, a loose drawer, etc. Found objects/materials, such as old photographs, paper ephemera, loose hardware, plastic objects, fabric scraps, natural objects, old toys, or anything else that you would like to work with.

  • Additional supplies will be discussed on the first day of class, and you will continue to source found objects and materials throughout the term.