Beyond Watercolor: Paint and Draw with Wet and Dry Media

Would you like to further your experiment with watercolor painting? Come explore a wide range of traditional and contemporary techniques using ink, gouache, and chalk with your watercolors! Working from still life and the figure model, you will use combinations of these mediums to achieve a greater illusion of depth and fullness of volume in your artwork. Instructor demonstrations and visual presentations of historical examples will compliment this hands-on workshop.

This Monday class is eight weeks long to accommodate the two holidays during winter term, Martin Luther King Jr. Day (January 15) and Presidents’ Day (February 19). This open studio will not be held on these days and there will not be a makeup for the holidays.

What you will learn in this class:

  • Gaining experience using various mediums to achieve a greater illusion of space

  • Learning the proper steps in combining mediums

  • Learning through historical examples

  • Working with watercolor and gouache to achieve a greater fullness of volume through transparent and opaque techniques

  • Working with watercolor and chalk to achieve a greater sense of texture and detail

Start the term with these supplies:

  • Watercolors, either Tubes or Half Pans. Recommended colors: Ultramarine Blue, Lemon Yellow, Permanent Rose, Viridian, and Chinese White*

  • Useful extra colors: Titanium White, Cobalt Blue, Cerulean Blue, Aureolin Yellow, Payne’s Grey, Burnt Umber

  • Recommended watercolor brushes: 1) 3/4-in wash flat; 2) #10 round, and 3) either a #4 or #5 pointed round*

  • Higgins Black Magic Ink, or other similar ink*

  • Watercolor Paper: 11 x14 inches, or larger cold press 90lb minimum (blocks or pads are good)

  • Items marked with an asterisk are available for purchase in Fleisher’s school store. Members receive a 10-percent discount on art supply purchases.

Midway through the term you will need:

  • Conte Crayons basic set of 4 colors or larger set (not available in school store)

  • Gouache basic painting set (not available in school store)