Ceramics: Handbuilding in the Mexika and Aztec Traditions (eight-session class)

Discover the rich ceramic art practice from the Mexika and Aztec traditions. Through demonstrations, lectures, and hands-on projects you will learn the histories of functional and symbolic objects, and explore a variety of aesthetic guiding principles, surface design, and handbuilding techniques. Projects will include jarritos, masks, handmade pots, and small sculptures.

Fleisher will be closed on Monday May 27, to observe the Memorial Day holiday, the make-up session will be on June 12.

LA CERÁMICA: Modelado a mano en la tradición Mexika y Azteca
Descubre las ricas tradiciones en la historia de la cerámica y las prácticas contemporáneas de la gente Mesoaméricanas. A través de demostraciones, clases y la propia practica, usted aprenderá la historia y artesanía de la cerámica. Proyectos tales como jarritos, mascaras, ollas y esculturas pequeñas podrán ser realizados.

What you will learn in this class:

  • History of traditional Mexican and Aztec pottery and ceramic arts

  • Basic techniques for hand-building: slab construction, scoring, carving

  • Sculptural concepts including additive and reductive processes

  • Glaze and surface decoration techniques

Resultados del aprendizaje:

  • La historia de la cerámica Azteca y Mexicana tradicional y el arte de la cerámica

  • Técnicas básicas del modelado a mano: tallado, rayado, planchas

  • Conceptos de escultura incluyendo procesos sustractivos y procesos aditivos

  • Técnicas de barniz y de decoración escultural en la superficie

Required supplies:

  • The studio fee includes the use of studio materials, glazing, and firing. You will need to purchase additional supplies. Some of these supplies may be purchased in the school store. Fleisher members get a 10% discount on purchases.

  • Clay is available for purchase in the school store, no outside clay permitted

  • Bring your own tools or anything you may think can be used as a tool or a basic pottery tool kit is available for purchase in the school store, which includes a sponge, steel scraper, potter’s rib, modeling tool, wire cutter, needle tool, ribbon tool, and loop tool

  • Clothes that can get messy or apron