Color Woodcut

Add brilliance to your imagery by introducing color to your woodcuts and linoleum cuts. In this course we’ll be implementing reduction and multiple block relief printing to produce complex color images through the mediums of linoleum cut and woodcut. Learn which process is most suitable for your imagery and sense of color.

Basic carving techniques will be demonstrated as well as safe handling and care of tools. You will become familiar with different qualities of materials used for relief printing such as different types of linoleum, wood, and paper. This workshop is most suitable for the experienced relief printer that wants to create multicolor prints, but all levels are welcome. I’ll be there to help you every step of the way.

Start the term with these supplies:

  • Your woodblock will be provided as part of your lab fee, along with tools

  • Pencil*

  • Number 1 or smaller fine point Micron Pigma pen*

  • Printing paper of your choice (paper possibilities will be discussed in class)*

  • A drawing or an idea

  • While there will be a variety of tools available to share in class, many students opt to order their own personal tool for carving fine lines so they are able to carve outside of class. A recommended tool for carving would be a #2 or #4 eliptic tint.