Experimental Photography: the Lensless Image

“Writing with light” will be the focus of this workshop, exploring the experimental aspects of chemical photography. We will primarily work with the ‘photogram’ method. By placing objects directly on the light sensitive surface of photo paper, we will capture the silhouette of objects in a way that would be difficult to create with digital means. The endless possibilities will be explored for four sessions: two sessions utilizing black and white darkroom methods, and two sessions with rare color darkroom methods. Investigate the translucency of objects, and make your own devices to control color: all utilizing a hands-on approach!

Please note that this studio is only accessible by stairs.

What you will learn in this workshop:

  • A beginner’s appreciation for the art of darkroom photography

  • A hands-on, construction-based approach to image-making

  • An expansion of image-making concepts to methods that don’t involve a camera or negative

  • Darkroom responsibility

  • Knowledge of black and white & color solarizing techniques, and b&w toning techniques.

Required supplies:

  • Translucent objects

  • Ideas for black & white projects

  • Colorful and translucent objects for the RA4 process