Fiber Arts: the Shawl (six-session workshop)

Ready to create a beautiful, wearable art shawl? This workshop will explore a variety of edgings and backings, and draw inspiration from the shapes, textures, and meanings of shawls from many traditions. Working with silk and cotton, you will learn and practice embroidery stitches and techniques, indigo dyeing, sewing, and appliquéd design. You will leave this workshop with a unique and richly ornamented shawl of your own design. Experience is helpful but not necessary.

What you will learn in this workshop:

  • The history and meanings of the shawl in various cultures

  • Fibers techniques: embroidery stitches, indigo dyeing, sewing, and appliquéd design

  • The structure and design of the shawl, including edgings and backings

Start the term with these supplies:

  • Embroidery needles

  • Embroidery floss, pearl cotton, or preferred thread

  • Embroidery hoop

  • Scissors

  • Scrap fabrics

  • Sketchbook

  • Pencil

Midway through the term you will need:

  • Sewing needles

  • Sewing thread

  • Non-fusible interfacing fabric for backing shawl (optional)

  • Cord for knotted edging (optional)

  • Yarn for knitted/crocheted edging (optional)