French Directors in the Post-New Wave

Starting in the late 1950s, the directors of the French New Wave sent shocks around the world with their low-budget, distinctively personal films which both lionized Hollywood filmmaking while defying many of its conventions. Although the New Wave early classics are still regularly revived, each of the movement’s directors have had prolific careers full of highlights. We’ll look at five features from their post-New Wave period, discuss the lives and career of the filmmakers and explore how their later work expanded and diverged from the earlier paths.

Films to be screened:
• Just Before Nightfall (1971, Claude Chabrol)
• Day For Night (1973, Francois Truffaut)
• Vagabond (1981, Agnes Varda)
• Detective (1985, Jean-Luc Godard)
• Pauline At The Beach (1983, Eric Rohmer)

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