Introduction to Book Art Structures (five-session workshop)

In this class we will look at a wide variety of book structures ranging from single sheet books to glued and sewn hard cover books. You will gain a solid foundation in basic binding techniques as well as comfort with various tools and materials to make your own beautiful books!

Projects will include: single sheet books; the drum leaf binding; pamphlet stitch variations; two, and three signature bindings; Coptic binding; and finally a hard cover book sewn on tapes with French Twist.

What you will learn in this workshop:

  • You will learn the basic hand skills of cutting, folding, and gluing various materials

  • You will learn about different finishing possibilities — cover options, cover materials choices, thread choices, etc.

  • You will learn several different types of bindings that allow for a wide range of material and aesthetic choices

  • Sources for materials, tools, and instructional guidance for future learning

Required supplies:

  • Your studio fee includes many of the materials used in this workshop including: sewing needles, linen thread, paper, PVA glue, book board, and book cloth. There are some additional tools you will need, see below.

  • Bone folder

  • Stiff bristle brush for gluing (at least 1” can be synthetic)

  • Olfa cutting knife (or X-acto) with blades

  • Cutting mat approximately 9 x 12 inches, or larger

  • Straight edge, or metal ruler

  • Pencil

  • White eraser

  • Empty container for glue (for example a yogurt container, but should have lid)

  • Decorative paper (you can wait to purchase this after we have a chance to discuss it)