Introduction to Watercolor (five-day immersive workshop)

This workshop welcomes students of all levels who wish to explore the themes and techniques of watercolor painting. Demonstrations and critiques will help you learn watercolor techniques like layering and washes, mixing colors, wet-in-wet and design principles and composition. Still life will be available; you can also bring sketches, photos and personal imagery of your choice to explore as subject matter. Prior drawing experience is recommended.

This workshop serves as both an introduction and exploration of the watercolor medium. You will learn a variety of painting techniques including layering and washes, dry brush, wet in wet, masking, resist and experimental techniques. Artistic principles such as color, line, value, composition, form, shape and texture will be considered throughout the course. Beginners will gain basic skills and knowledge of watercolor and intermediate and advanced students will have the opportunity to review techniques and explore a personal approach to watercolor painting.

Required supplies for this workshop:

  • Pencils 2B and 2H

  • Kneaded eraser

  • Paper towels or rags

  • Mixing dish/dishes or palette

  • 2 or more water containers

  • Sketchbook or sketch paper

  • Natural sponge (optional)

  • Liquid masking fluid (optional)

  • Plastic spray bottle (optional)

  • India Ink and bamboo brush (optional)

  • Watercolor brushes: round tip – #4 and #10 1-inch flat brush

  • Watercolor paper: block or individual sheets –140lb cold pressed

  • Watercolor paint (in tubes or pans): a few suggested brands – Blick, Utrecht, Winsor & Newton and Rembrandt Watercolors

  • For beginners or students who wish to use a limited palette: Lemon yellow or Winsor yellow; Cadmium yellow deep; Permanent rose; Alizarin crimson; Ultramarine blue; Cobalt blue

  • For advanced students and/or colors that can be added later: Cadmium red or Cadmium scarlet; Cerulean blue; Cadmium orange; Raw sienna; Burnt sienna; Raw umber; Burnt umber; Viridian green; Payne’s gray