Introduction to Wheel Throwing (five-day immersive workshop)

A perfect introduction to pottery, this intensive workshop will cover basic wheel throwing techniques: centering clay, forming cylinders and bowls, as well as glazing and surface treatment. You will also have the opportunity to hone your skills on the pottery wheel without having to let a week go past in between throwing sessions. Consistent practice is everything. Let the daily practice of making pottery build your skill set and bring your pots to the next level!

Required supplies for this workshop:

  • The studio fee includes the use of studio materials, glazing, and firing. You will need to purchase additional supplies.

  • Clay is available for purchase in the school store, no outside clay permitted

  • Bring your own tools or anything you may think can be used as a tool or a basic pottery tool kit is available for purchase in the school store (which includes):
    A Sponge, Steel Scraper, Potter’s Rib, Modeling Tool, Wire Cutter Needle Tool, Ribbon Tool & Loop Tool

  • Additional items: brushes for glazing, container for slip

  • Some of these supplies may be purchased in the school store. Fleisher members get a 10% discount on purchases.