Jewelry: Wax Models and Soldering

Take your jewelry skills to the next level! Wax modeling is an exciting and very accessible method of creating unique jewelry pieces. Working with the responsive material of wax allows for a large degree of spontaneity and speed. You’ll learn to create your very own custom jewelry designs through carving the pieces in wax. Working with carving and heating tools, you’ll be introduced to techniques on how to transfer your drawings and designs from sheet paper onto the carving wax surfaces or the soft waxes. Once your wax model is finished, the class will take their pieces to be cast at a local casting house. To complete the piece you’ll learn finishing and soldering techniques, including heat control and different ways to place silver solder onto pieces being fabricated with the tools and techniques of the craft. At the end of the class, you’ll have 3-4 finished pieces of your own design. Please bring your ideas and creative energies to class so we can begin working on them together!

What you will learn in this class:

  • Students will learn to create unique jewelry pieces – rings, pendants, bracelets, an earring

  • Students will learn to use carving and heating tools and work with the material of wax

  • Students will become familiar with the wax carving and casting processes

  • Students will learn finishing and soldering techniques

Required supplies:

  • Notebook and pencil

  • Wax of assorted thickness 3×3″ box

  • Carving tools will be available, but students may choose to purchase their own

  • The supply list will be discussed on the first day of class