The Language of Photography (five-session workshop)

A photograph, like great literature, communicates on many levels, from its basic “alphabet” of color and tone, to a more involved “grammar” of shape, pattern, and vantage point, to ever more subtle complexities such as intimation and allegory (and perhaps a dash of wit!). So, how can we harness and make use of these elements to tell our story?

We’ll begin by sharpening our ability to “read” photographs, identifying these and other building blocks as tools that we can employ in our own work. Then, through shooting assignments and group critique, we’ll work on making images with intent, learning along the way how our choices influence the way our images are understood by others.

Combining lecture, critique, and a trip to a gallery or museum, this class will help you learn to think about making images in a new way, and get you started on your journey toward more expressive and insightful photography.

This class is suitable for photographers at all levels working with digital cameras or film. Students should be prepared to spend some time shooting on their own time outside of class, and should have the ability to print their work outside of class to bring in for discussion during later sessions.

Required supplies for this workshop:

  • The desire to share in discussion

  • A notepad and something to write with