Monotypes, Stencils, and Other One-Offs (one-day immersive workshop)

Learn several simple and instantly gratifying printmaking techniques that you can use to develop unique printed works on paper. Discover exciting color relationships by printing layers of transparent oil-based inks on top of one another. You will learn several printmaking techniques including: dark field monotype, multiple drop monotype, trace monotype, printing using stencils, and a simple method for printing photographic images from photocopies or laser prints called Xerography. These intuitive printmaking methods are for anyone wishing to utilize color and mark on paper to build expressive images. This is a great workshop for painters looking to learn new techniques, beginning students who want to try out printmaking for the first time, or anyone that is looking for an intensive day of playing with ink on paper. In other words, all levels are welcome.

What you will learn in this workshop:

  • Students will learn to execute visual ideas through the process of monotype and xerography

  • Students will learn to select and prepare tools, materials, and papers for making prints

  • Students will become familiar with printmaking terminology

  • Students will experiment with ink opacity and layering colors

Required supplies for this workshop:

  • Pencil Sketches, photographs, or other visual inspiration

  • Rubber or polyethylene gloves

  • Xeroxes – a Xerox is a photocopy (optional)

  • Apron (optional)

  • OPTIONAL SUPPLIES – no need to purchase these supplies, but you might be interested in bringing them if you have them at home: stiff bristle brushes; larger sheet of Plexiglass (for larger prints); string; Q-tips; scissors