Painting Fundamentals

This class introduces and explores various methods for painting the still life. Demonstrations will include painting techniques, color mixing, beginning a painting, glazing, and canvas stretching.

What you will learn in this class:

  • How to mix paint and apply it to canvas

  • Explore the painting process through the use of traditional materials and techniques

  • Apply representational and/or abstract interpretations and principles to your still life painting

  • Develop an effective use of vocabulary when discussing fine arts painting

  • How to finish a painting.

Required supplies for this class:

  • Oil painters: professional quality paint such as Windsor Newton, Grumbacher, Golden in the following colors – titanium white (large tube), Mars black (smallest size), cadmium red medium, alizaran crimson, burnt sienna, raw umber, cadmium yellow light, cobalt blue, ultramarine blue, Prussian blue, pthalo green, chromium green, violet or purple, yellow Ochre (optional)*

  • Oil Medium: Gamsol odorless mineral spirits, Damar Varnish (small), and linseed oil*

  • Acrylic painters: professional quality paints in the same colors as the oils above*

  • Acrylic medium: matte polymer medium

  • Color wheel*

  • 9 x 12, or 11 x 14 drawing pad (80lb. paper)*

  • Disposable palette paper, large*

  • Jars with lids (at least three)

  • Rags (paper towels are supplied)

  • Masking tape*

  • Palette knife*

  • Drawing pencils*

  • Vine charcoal*

Items marked with an asterisk are available for purchase in Fleisher’s school store. Members receive a 10 percent discount on art supply purchases.