Papermaking with Plant Fiber (four-session workshop)

Would you like to learn basic and unique techniques to transform plants into handmade paper? Experiment with a variety of plant fibers, from bamboo and cotton, to vegetables from your garden or the market. This workshop will cover paper types that can be made in your kitchen, as well as explore an array of specialty fibers. Build up a supply of blank papers for writing, printmaking, and bookmaking – or learn some basic decorative techniques to create imagery using pigmented pulps laid down on a freshly made wet sheet of paper.

Students should come prepared to get their hands wet and pulpy. Students with very strong skin sensitivities may wish to bring long rubber/latex/nitrile or similar gloves.

What you will learn in this workshop:

  • Learn the technical skills to create uniform sheets of handmade paper including: pulp preparation, sheet formation, and about the drying process

  • Prepare plant and vegetable materials to incorporate into paper pulps

  • Learn decorative techniques such as fiber embedding and simple pulp stenciling

  • Learn how handmade paper and the papermaking medium can be used for artistic expression, and how it can be used with other media

Required supplies:

  • One 2 to 4 cup plastic container (such as large yogurt container) to hold water

  • One clean sponge

  • Midway through the workshop students students may wish to use an Exacto knife and small cutting mat, scissors, and collage materials (decorative papers, strings, etc.).