Photo Composition (five-session workshop)

So much goes into the taking of a photograph, including: the rule of thirds, depth of field, perspective, pattern and repetition of shapes. Whatever photographic genre you are interested in, the same rules of composition apply. In this workshop we touch on these basic principles, and go beyond to explore emotion, intent, and the subjectivity that a photographer brings to the same scene, each creating a singular image.

We will look at, and talk about, the work of well-known photographers, and the work of your classmates, both past and new works. There will be simple assignments throughout the sessions to put into practice what we discuss. All levels and cameras welcome.

Due to Fleisher’s Founder’s Award Celebration no evening classes will be held on Wednesday, June 7. Those classes will be made up on Wednesday, June 14.

What you will learn in this workshop:

  • Basic rules of composition

  • How and why to break them

  • Knowledge of other photographers

  • How to use depth of field

  • Perspective

Required supplies for this workshop:

  • Digital camera (a working knowledge of your settings is helpful)

  • USB, or other portable storage drive

  • Your studio fee covers studio costs and includes one print. Additional printing cards are available for purchase in the school store.