Pinhole Photography (two-day immersive workshop)

Learn how to make and use your own camera in this exploration into the art of pinhole photography. With roots earlier than the dawn of photography itself, pinhole photography is still revered by artists for its simplicity of use and the uniquely expressive imagery it creates. Equally suited for both novices and experienced photographers, the class will offer techniques for optimizing your camera construction and exposure, as well as the opportunity to experience the magic of working in a photographic darkroom.

What you will learn in this workshop:

  • How to build a light-tight camera

  • Optimizing pinhole size and calculating aperture

  • Metering/figuring out camera exposure

  • Developing paper positives and negatives in a darkroom

Required supplies:

  • Light meter or light meter app on smartphone (required)

  • Container(s) that can be made light tight (examples: cardboard oatmeal cans, wood or thick cardboard boxes with lids, metal coffee or tea tins with lids)

  • One 25-sheet box 8×10 RC paper (pearl)

  • Changing bag (optional)