Portrait Painting (five-session workshop)

Working directly from live models, you will complete two portraits in oil using indirect painting methods. Indirect painting, as opposed to alla prima, utilizes distinct layers, and each portrait will be completed in stages. We will discuss and use traditional oil painting techniques including wipe-out, grisaille, and glazing. Additional topics include mixing flesh colors, typical facial proportions, and the chemistry of oils.

Some drawing experience required. No painting experience necessary.

Enjoy demonstrations and plenty of individual instruction.

What you will learn in this workshop:

  • Understanding of indirect painting techniques

  • Mixing accurate flesh colors

  • General understanding of oil paint and associated materials: knowledge of their chemical properties, how to use, and how to recycle/dispose responsibly

  • Skull/facial proportions

Required supplies for this workshop:

  • Two canvases, panels, or other primed surfaces*

  • Three glass jars with lids

  • Cloth rags

  • Hard wooden, plastic, or glass palette with a completely flat surface (no cups)

  • Metal palette knife, the kind with a bent segment between handle and blade (no plastic)*

  • Brushes: at least one small, medium, and large size in both round and flat*

  • Paints: titanium white, ultramarine blue, cadmium red (or hue), cadmium yellow (or hue), yellow ochre, naples yellow, sap green, raw sienna, burnt sienna, burnt umber, raw umber*

  • Items marked with an asterisk are available for purchase in Fleisher’s school store. Members receive a 10% discount on art supply purchases.