Screenprint, All Levels (Monday)

Come be social and converse in English or Spanish. You will create prints about anything you deem relevant in your life. Inspired by the U.S. federal art program WPA, the social activism prints from Latin America, and the propaganda posters in Europe, this 10 session workshop will inspire you to design a print using lines, shapes and text. You will transfer your voice onto paper to express yourself and be heard. No need to have any art experience or skills but those that do are also welcome. You just need your imagination and the need to say something.

Fleisher will be closed on Monday May 27, to observe the Memorial Day holiday, the make-up session will be on June 12.


Expresa tus ideas y comparte un taller social en español o ingles. En este curso básico de 10 semanas, aprenderás a crear tu propias serigrafías sobre papel utilizando líneas, formas y texto. Este tipo de expresión gráfica fue utilizada en el siglo XX para promover causas sociales en Latinoamérica, en los Estados Unidos a través del programa WPA y en Europa a través de los carteles de propaganda. En este curso trasladamos tu voz al papel para expresarnos y ser escuchados. No necesitas ninguna experiencia artística, simplemente tus ideas y tus palabras pero si tienes experiencia tan bien eres bienvenido.

What you will learn in this class:

  • History of screenprinting and basic design ideas

  • Preparing a screen

  • Preparing artwork

  • Screenprinting techniques on paper

  • Alternate printing techniques

Required supplies:

Start the term with:

  • Sketchbook/notebook, and writing tool of your choice*

  • If possible, please bring any sketches or examples of previous artwork that you think could become ideas for silkscreen

Other supplies will be discussed in the first class, including:

  • Protective gloves, such as dishwashing type

  • Water-based Textile or Permanent Acrylic Screenprinting Inks, in 8-oz. containers [note: do not bring water-soluble inks — read labels carefully]

  • Definitely buy black, white, and the primary colors: red, yellow, and blue. You may, of course, buy any other colors you like.

  • Plastic pint- or quart-size containers with lids for storing mixed ink

  • Printmaking paper (archival rag paper) — at least 4 sheets, 22 X 30 inches*
    Recommended: Lennox and Arches 88 Silkscreen, or any smooth printmaking paper — such as Rives BFK, Arches Cover, Stonehenge, etc.

  • 18 X 24-inch newsprint paper pad*

  • Roll of masking tape, 3/4- inch to 1-inch wide*

  • Portfolio — may be low-priced cardboard variety

  • Storage for inks and class supplies: cardboard box, plastic box, or a sturdy bag