Screenprint, All Levels (Thursday)

This printmaking workshop is open to screenprint artists of all levels of experience. Beginners are invited to learn the fundamentals of screenprinting. We will cover different screenprinting techniques including various screen stencils, block-outs, and color registration.

What will you learn in this workshop?

  • For the beginning student: the ability to pull a screenprint with expertise and confidence after both group and individual instruction

  • Understanding of the variety of stencil making techniques available for the screenprint artist

  • Learn about the unique characteristics and endless possibilities of the screenprint medium through its practice and through viewing examples of the screenprint medium

  • Goals are set regarding what each student hopes to achieve on the first day of class through showing examples of their previous artwork or sketches for ideas, both printed and non-printed

Start the term with these supplies:

  • Sketchbook/notebook and writing tool of your choice

  • If possible, please bring any sketches or examples of previous artwork that you think could become ideas for silkscreen

  • Additional supplies will be discussed on the first day of class