Sculptural Papermaking

Explore a range of techniques which take handmade paper from two- into three-dimensions. Students will learn to work with both low-shrinkage and high-shrinkage pulps, including cotton and flax, to create vessels, low-relief sculptures, and fully dimensional pieces. Pulp casting, sheet laminating, working with armatures, manipulation of high-shrinkage sheets of paper, and paper thread will be covered, as well as working with both pigmented and natural pulps.

This Monday class is eight weeks long to accommodate the two holidays during winter term, Martin Luther King Jr. Day (January 15) and Presidents’ Day (February 19). This open studio will not be held on these days and there will not be a makeup for the holidays.

What you will learn in this class:

  • Learn the technical skills to create uniform sheets of handmade paper including pulp preparation, sheet formation, and the drying process

  • Discover techniques involved in creating relief and three-dimensional forms using pulp

  • Learn decorative techniques such as fiber embedding

  • Learn how handmade paper and the papermaking medium can be used for artistic expression, and how it can be used with other media

Start the term with these supplies:

  • Students should come prepared to get their hands wet and pulpy. Students with very strong skin sensitivities may wish to bring long rubber/latex/nitrile or similar gloves.

  • Students may wish to bring a plastic apron, or fabric apron and plastic sheeting (we can show students how to attach to fashion their own plastic apron in class!), to stay dry

  • A plastic container (such as large yogurt container) to hold water

  • A clean sponge

Midway through the term you will need:

  • Students may wish to bring found materials for embedding and armature building. We will discuss this in class.