Week 4 Full Day: 10- to 12-Year-Olds

You will work on basic-intermediate techniques on how to draw anime and manga. This class focuses on step-by-step processes of how to draw anime figures as well as basic drawing fundamentals. You will invent and draw your own characters and explore your creativity through amazing genera of anime.


Design sets and characters to star in your own short stop-motion video! Using scuply, legos, action figures, and cardboard diorama’s to present your pro-level animated videos. Black and White: Darkroom Photography Come just us as we learn how to shoot, develop and print film! Using Fleisher’s very own darkroom, join us this summer to learn the classic art of shooting and printing with film. See how shooting film can make you a better photographer!

Please note that membership discounts do not apply to summer workshops for children and youth.