The Fleisher Art Memorial is seeking a partner to co-develop a half-acre parking lot it owns in the Bella Vista neighborhood. The intent of the development is to generate income for Fleisher, provide additional space for Fleisher’s use, and enable a developer to make economically productive use of all land not utilized by Fleisher. This RFEI is designed to provide Fleisher’s board and staff with insight on the universe of potential development partners with interest in the space as the first step in the process of selecting a partner. While understanding potential partners’ basic concepts for the space is a component of this initial phase of selection, finding the partner who is the “right fit” – in particular a partner who understands and values Fleisher’s mission and culture – is the main objective, rather than selecting a specific building plan or settling on the economics of a transaction.

RFEI Committee

  • Melissa Blanton, chair

  • Andy Rachlin

  • Alan Greenberger

  • Jolley Christman

  • William Becker

  • Mark Goodheart