Cristina Tufiño

My practice is predominantly sculpture. I also draw and work in installation. My figures often have an amorphous slippery texture balanced by a preoccupation in the bodily and always crafted by hand. I have a hybrid approach to my work where slickness and intimacy are collapsed into ensembles or individual gestures standing alone. I borrow from personal history, micro musical genres, art history and cyber-culture to create talismanic objects and symbols. My works are influenced by children’s TV shows from 20 or 30 years ago mixed with passages of overt sensuality. When grouped these characters seem to exist for ritualistic fulfillment and little else. Ears, mouths and eyes protruding these disembodied ghost like figures are purposely feminized through color choice: combining the light infused hues of the architecture and weather of the Caribbean, drawing upon the timelessness of figurative sculpture conjuring totemic statues, Noguchi and Brancusi stacks while addressing an expanded, non-linear sense of time.