Hratch Babikian

Gold and silversmith Hratch Babikian’s Work is about the fascination and relationship of the natural world and human kind coexisting. Known for his high precision textures and quality fabrication reminiscent of the hand wrought era of jewelry and silverware, using gold, silver and different gem materials Babikian’s subjects range from oceanic urchins to collections of fossils, microscopic flora and fauna.

Babikian was born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1961 and received his BFA in 1983 studying metals with Richard Reinhardt, Sharon Church, and Leon Luggasy at the Philadelphia College Of Art at University Of The Arts. There he received the acute attention to form follows function and decorative forming/forging associated with Reinhardt’s, Church’s and Luggasy’s silverware and sculptural jewelry.

His work can be found in myriad private and public collections both in the US and abroad, and has been represented and exhibited in numerous expos, galleries, and museums, including Velvet da Vinci, Silver Blue and Gold, Yaw, MetalBendars, Sheila Nussbaum Gallery, Ruby’s Fine Jewelry, Aaron Faber Gallery, The Swan, The Works, Sculpture to Wear, the National Ornamental Metal Museum, The Ward museum, and Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus. He Lives and works in Philadelphia.