JaFang Lu

JaFang Lu graduated from the City College of New York University with a B.A. degree. She studied drawing and painting at the Art Students’ League of New York and the New York Academy of Art with Peter Cox, Michael Burbon, David Klass, and Nelson Shanks. In 2002, Nelson Shanks and his wife, Leona Shanks, founded Studio Incamminati, a realist painting ateiler, with the vision of training the next generation of realist painters. He invited a few of his students to study with him, JaFang was among them. During her study at Studio Incamminati, she took workshops with Ted Seth Jacob, Anthony, Ryder, Rob Liberace and Jon de Martin.

JaFang’s Portraits of Philadelphians in Black and White drawing project, which attempts to reflect the racial diversity in Philadelphia, was funded by the Leeway Foundation. She had shown at the Stanek Gallery, the Avery Gallery, the Artist House, the Freeman Gallery in Philadelphia, Bennington Center for the Art in Vermont, the Butler Institute in Youngstown Ohio, and the Manitou Gallery in New Mexico.