Josephine Tsai

Josephine Tsai grew up in Taiwan where she was exposed to the richness of Chinese culture. After immigrating to the United States in 1980, she lives in Media, Pennsylvania , where she is an active participant in the Delaware Valley community.

Josephine received her Natural Science degree at Fuzen Catholic University . In the last thirty years, she has been an achieved businessperson. However, art-related works, especially Chinese watercolor painting, have always been her first love. She received private instruction from several well-known masters of Chinese art, but she considers Mother Nature to be the greatest teacher. In her words: “My art work represents my love and respect for nature. Nature’s graceful character conveys a sentiment beyond its outward appearance. It is not an objective reflection through the sense of sights, but rather a subjective expression of insight.”

Her works often combine three distinct styles of Chinese painting, the Realistic style, the Spontaneous style and the Ink Splashed style, allowing the positive aspects of each to create a lively impression. At the same time, her artistic details invite the viewer to explore the spirit of the art. “My dancing brush and singing ink merge into my passion for the outside world and the joy of my inner being.” Josephine has been selected as the top best painting instructor in Philadelphia for 3 consecutive years.