Mary Tasillo

Mary Tasillo has been making paper for over 13 years, in addition to her work in bookmaking and printmaking. She exhibits her work internationally, and teaches workshops around the country. As outreach coordinator for Hand Papermaking, she edits their newsletter listings, writes the For Beginners column (often inspired by her students at Fleisher), and corresponds with papermakers from around the world. She is co-founder of The Soapbox: Independent Publishing Center, a membership based printmaking, bookmaking, and zine-making studio and zine library in West Philadelphia.

Mary works collaboratively as part of the street-based Book Bombs project, with Michelle Wilson, distributing prints on handmade paper as well as zines around Philadelphia and other cities. She has served as Artist-in-Residence for the Mural Arts A2O Program, the Wagner Free Institute’s Science, Nature, and Art Program, and the 40th Street Artist-in-Residence Program. She was awarded Fleisher’s Loucheim Fellowship, culminating in a fall 2014 exhibition.

Her Printing with Paper Pulp class at Fleisher is one of the few workshops available anywhere in this technique combining screenprint stencils and paper pulp.