Pavel Efremoff

Pavel Efremoff is a sculptor who produces seamlessly crafted bronze casts. The artist was influenced by an early involvement in the conservation of religious and architectural artwork (which he continues to practice). His vision was reinforced through training in traditional techniques at PAFA, where he is now an instructor in foundry. Efremoff’s sculptures depict subjects of Russian mythology, but this is more of a reference than take away. The artist’s portraits are not just representations, nor are his narrative works didactic accounts of a moral lesson. The message comes through in the balance and beauty of form Efremoff is able to attain in these representations. At the age of ten, the artist emigrated with his family from Moscow, Russia. Although the political situation made for a difficult and restricting lifestyle, the country held high regard for artists, actors and philosophers. Efremoff celebrates the notion that artists are an asset to culture and society. The pure and austere quality of his work promotes the achievement of these ideals.