Rachel Castaldo

I am a goldsmith and jewelry designer currently working out of Philadelphia. In 2012 I found a passion for jewelry making and have been creating, learning, and teaching the skills I’ve acquired ever since. In 2015 I began the Fine Art program at Bucks County Community College and transferred to the University of the Arts in 2017 to focus on Jewelry/Metals. I graduated in 2019 with a degree in Craft and Material Studies. After graduating, I was selected to be an artist in residence at the University, which gave me space to further grow my skill set and aesthetic. As the residency came to an end, I joined the faculty at UArts as the Jewelry/Metal Shop Supervisor. I worked closely with the students and my passion for teaching grew. I assisted both Rod McCormick and Caroline Gore in their classes, performed technical demonstrations, and worked as a Teacher’s Assistant. As we entered 2020 and COVID-19 closed businesses and educational institutions I decided to focus on my personal studio practice. I started a small business and built a jewelry studio in the Crane Arts building located in Fishtown, Philadelphia. In January 2021 I began working as a full-time goldsmith at The House of Paul Morelli located on Walnut Street.

I am first and foremost, an artist, and have been supporting my craft by making and selling my creations since the start of my jewelry career. I am drawn to structure and order. Clean lines and identifiable shapes bring me a sense of calm to physically build so my collections are mostly inspired by geometric shapes and patterns. One of my favorite aspects of being an artist and maker is being able to share and collaborate with other creatives. Trading experiences, skills, and ideas is my favorite way to stay inspired and connected to one another.