Randy Scott Caroll

Randy Scott Carroll is a sound engineer, journalist, and radio producer living in Germantown. As a sound engineer, he has worked for the New York TimesThe Daily, NPR’s Radiolab and more with networks such as FiveThirtyEight, Vox, Gimlet, MTV, Audible, and BBC. As a journalist, he’s produced stories for WHYY, Undark Magazine and Alternet. His biggest production was as an independent producer and director of The Cohabit, a hybrid podcast that blends a fictional romantic drama with a documentary about the state of relationships today.

As Americans quit smoking, farmers give up tobacco
My role: journalist, producer, editor, sound design.
What it’s about? Tobacco may not be good for people’s health but there’s a growing sense that industrial farming doesn’t seem to be working for the overall health of Kentucky. I traveled to Kentucky to discover how the landscape in Kentucky is shifting as our society shifts away from tobacco.

Dangerous Dams
My role: journalist, producer, editor, sound design.
What it’s about? My segment comes in at minute 19 and asks what it means to be alive. This is part one of a two part series.

My role: journalist, producer, writer, director, actor, researcher, editor, sound design, art direction.
What it’s about? It’s a fictional romantic drama that operates as a parallel narrative to a non-fiction documentary that asks what it takes to live together for couples today. It’s an experimental pilot episode for a 6 part mini series that’s yet to be released.