Raphael Tiberino

Raphael Tiberino began painting at the age of four, and the style of his latest work can be traced back to his love of comics as a child. His work can be found in numerous collections, and his love of pen and ink and oil painting keep him up until the wee hours of the morning.

Tiberino has been in the spotlight as a professional artist for more than 25 years. As cofounder of the subculture gallery in New York City, he curated as well as participated in, many shows as well as showing and curating the Kapow! Boom! Zap! Show at the rush arts gallery in Chelsea. At the time, Tiberino was illustrating Queenie‘s Story for Slave Labor Graphics. The story was based on a tale his grandmother would always tell him about, a haunting she experienced as a child.

Teaching art is also a love of Tiberino’s and he has been teaching since his graduation from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

Tiberino is also the president of his family museum. The Ellen Paul Tiberino memorial museum was set up by his late father, Joseph, in 1999 and houses an extensive collection of his parents’ artwork, including oil paintings, prints, graphite drawings and relief murals. The museum also features the art of 20 other artists that Tiberino and his father collected over the years. Tiberino likes to refer to the museum as a “living museum,” because often artists and family members can be found outside in the yards painting.