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Día de los Muertos – Flowerathon | Taller de Flores de Papel

Learn how to create traditional paper flowers with guidance from artist Claudia Peregrina. Your creations will be featured in the elaborate altar installation in Fleisher’s historic Sanctuary space, the creation of which requires support from Fleisher students and the community. Join us to learn new skills while making new friends and art in this fun workshop! This workshop is free and open to the public. Registration is requested.

Aprenda a crear flores de papel tradicionales con Claudia Peregrina las cuales serán usadas como decoración del altar en nuestra celebración anual del Día de Los Muertos. Traiga sus amigos, su familia o venga a hacer nuevos amigos en este maratón-taller de flores con nuestra comunidad latina. ¡No se arrepentirá!

About the artist:
Claudia Peregrina is an artist, advocate, community organizer and art therapist deeply proud of her cultural identity. A native of Mexico City, Claudia holds several art degrees and works with the community and various organizations in the Philadelphia area that empower Latina women. She has worked with Women Organize Against Rape (WOAR) and the Bring Your Own Project (BYOP) program at Fleisher. She is also an active member of the board at the Morivivi Foundation as well as the La Calaca Flaca committee. She has developed and implemented many workshops based on a diverse range of Mexican traditions which she shares with both children and adults in our area.