Abstract and Intuitive Painting

This online class is designed to provide a broad introduction to painting materials, basic techniques and concepts including color theory, color mixing, value relationships and paint application. This online class will explore the notion of abstract painting as it relates to direct observation along with visual ideas that derive from intuitive inspiration. This course will explore the qualities of abstract art through a variety of lenses that students will learn to integrate into their own working process. Color is a tool of expression, and we will work on the principles of composition, proportion, and space in terms of color relationship. The goal for students is to gain an understanding of the process of abstract artmaking so that they may proceed beyond the classroom with their own pictorial investigations.

Classes will typically start with a demonstration and lecture for each project, and the students will use the rest of class time to work on their project. At the end of each project, there will be a feedback session to review their work and have a conversation as a group. This class will focus on individual students’ needs and interests and emphasize the development of their own style. Previous drawing experience strongly recommended. Oil painting is permitted if you would like to work with instead of acrylic.

Special Notes
This is an online class hosted through Zoom. We recommend that you download the free Zoom application on your computer, phone, or tablet in advance of the first class. Within 48 hours of registration, you will receive a confirmation email containing a link to join the course via Zoom. The same link will be used each week.

Tuition Assistance is Available
To make our classes and workshops accessible to everyone, Fleisher offers tuition assistance every term so that everyone can join our creative community. We have recently streamlined the application process, making it even quicker and easier. Tuition assistance applications can be completed once registration is open by clicking here. The deadline to apply is Wednesday, Aug. 12. Tuition assistance notifications will be sent by Wednesday, August 26.

What you will learn:

  • An understanding of the appropriate use of acrylic paint

  • Brush and palette knife techniques

  • A variety of mixed media approaches

  • Color theory and color mixing

  • An overview of historical and contemporary abstraction in painting

Required supplies:

  • A basic primary color paint set: red, blue, yellow, black, white. Preferred but not required pigments: Red: cadmium red medium; Blue: ultramarine blue; Yellow: cadmium yellow light; White: titanium white; Black: ivory black.

  • Pre-stretched canvases and/or panel (one per class; preferably 12” x 16” or larger)

  • An assortment of acrylic/oil brushes

  • Metal 2” to 3” palette knife

  • Palette paper, wax paper, or tempered glass

  • Pencil

  • Other supplies, to be discussed: additional colors (acra magenta, phthalo blue/green, yellow ochre, burnt umber, raw sienna, zinc white, permanent green light, dioxazine purple); matte medium; gloss medium; sand; marble dust; aluminum foil; fabric; magazine images, photographs etc. for mixed media and texture