Abstract Painting

With the real world as your starting point, create abstracted images with emotive and narrative content. This class addresses issues of structure, color, and technique as you work from unique studio arrangements, the life model, or your own photographic and sketch references. Experimentation with varied artistic languages and exploration of materials and methods are encouraged, with an emphasis on oil and acrylic painting.

What you will learn:

  • Increased awareness of recent developments in visual arts (especially painting)

  • Improved understanding of color theory

  • Better compositional structures

  • Role of mark-making, and the physicality of materials in creating an image

  • Spatial conceptions

Required supplies:

  • There will be a presentation at the first class, including a discussion of materials. In the time remaining, students will begin to develop concepts for their first painting and should bring a minimal assortment of supplies for that purpose. These should include: sketching materials; a painting surface; a few tubes of oil or acrylic paint (suggested is white, ultramarine blue, and burnt sienna); odorless paint thinner (oil painters only); painting medium; palette and palette knife; paper towels; a small assortment of brushes