Animal Drawing

Explore the animal as subject, drawing from life, bone, ecorche figures and other references. You will delve into a range of media options and drawing approaches as you experiment with technical accuracy and expressive mark making. Your ability to identify the underlying structural anatomy of a variety of animals will expand through comparative anatomy discussion, croquis, memory drawing and observational rendering. In this class you will begin to uncover the mysteries holding you back, revealing the structure of your subject and fueling your emotional expression for the animals you love.

What you will learn:

  • Comparative anatomy between human/primate, wolf/dog, deer, cat/lion

  • Learn ways to discern the form that lies under a heavy coat or complicated animal skin

  • Improve accuracy in seeing the live animal subject in space (perspective/foreshortening)

  • Develop new tools in perception and practice with memory drawing and croquis drills

  • Learn better studio practices that improve the link between dreams, inspiration and the subjects and materials you are interested in

Required supplies:

  • Vine Charcoal, small box

  • Br Conte Crayon; 1-3 sticks

  • HB or softer pencils

  • Eraser/ white Steadler or similar

  • Kneaded eraser

  • Newsprint pad (lg; 18×24 or similar)

  • Sketchpad (your preference of brand and size, provided the paper has a tooth to it.. NO SMOOTH surfaces)

  • The instructor will discuss optional supplies with you as the course progresses