Art Environments

Explore the whimsical world of art environments, from the Watts Towers in Los Angeles to the Rock Garden in India to Philadelphia’s own Magic Gardens. These unique spaces exist all over the world, but what makes an art environment? Learn about the characteristics these spaces share, why they are so hard to define, and what’s being done to preserve these special places. As part of this course, participants will take a private, behind-the-scenes tour of Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens (PMG) just blocks from Fleisher to get an insider’s view of an art environment. Participants will also learn about the history of art environments and have the opportunity to imagine what their own art environment might look like in a hands-on activity.

This course will be taught by staff from Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens with a combined 25+ years of experience with art environments, including Emily Smith, Executive Director; Stacey Holder, Preservation Manager; and Olivia Edlund, Education Manager.