Casting (six-session workshop)

In this workshop, learn how to make a mold of your sculpture and create a final plaster cast of it from start to finish.

Mold making and casting is the art of replicating form from one medium to another. In this class we will explore mixing plaster, plaster waste molds (single use mold made from a clay sculpture) mold making in general, and among other concepts the meaning of undercuts, drafting, seam lines and their importance, mold registration, mold release, mold and casting reinforcement.

What you will learn:

  • Mixing plaster and working with plaster

  • Learn about the mold casting process including part registration, mold fabrication, and de-molding

  • Learn how to cast using your mold and chip out your castings

  • We will also cover some finishing techniques, including chasing parting lines from your castings

Required supplies:

  • You must bring a clay sculpture to be cast. Preferably wet water-based clay. Oil-based clay may be more difficult and may also ruin the clay.

  • Mandatory tools: (1-2) 5qt pails/buckets; (1) 2 1/2qt pail/bucket; (2) 2″Chip brushes; (1) 1 1/2″; putty knife

  • Suggested tools: scissors; pliers w/ wire cutters; screwdrivers; plaster tools; 3/4″ cold chisel; 1/4″ cold chisel; hammer