Ceramics: Wheel Throwing (Evening)

Red low fire clay (earthenware) is an incredible medium to work in! With a long and diverse history, earthenware pottery has been used cross culturally for thousands of years. Both for ritualistic and strictly functional purposes, earthenware pottery has the potential to express complexities of the human spirit and impress upon the importance of slowing down to enjoy life’s subtleties. Through historical pots we have learned about past cultures as well as how to build upon pottery techniques once used. In this workshop, we will be exploring earthenware pottery as it relates to its rich and exciting history. In conjunction with many in class demonstrations, we will plan a field trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to see some amazing pots in person.

This class is based strongly on finding out your individual needs, as every student comes in with different ideas about what they want to gain by taking a class at Fleisher. I encourage students to challenge themselves by stepping out of their comfort zone, by trying new techniques and reminding them that the best way to try something new is to treat it like play; bring your humility to class and you’ll learn a lot more and have much more fun!

Required supplies:

  • The studio fee includes the use of studio materials, glazing, and firing. You will need to purchase additional supplies.

  • Clay is available for purchase at the front desk, no outside clay permitted

  • Bring your own basic pottery tools or anything you may think can be used as a tool. A basic kit should include a sponge, steel scraper, potter’s rib, modeling tool, wire cutter, needle tool, ribbon tool, and loop tool.

  • Additional items needed are brushes for glazing and a container for slip