Collage and Mixed Media (five-day immersive workshop)

Do you feel stuck and ready to explore? Collage and mixed media can often be a catalyst for change in your work, and a refreshing way to handle familiar media. Students from all art backgrounds and experience are welcome in this workshop that explores a range of materials with which to take chances and perhaps change direction. We will work with different papers, your own discarded art, as well as any water-based media. Students will work towards developing subject matter to create a sense of continuity in a larger body of work.

What you will learn:

  • Become familiar with new materials and explore ways of combining them through experimentation

  • Develop a small series of artworks based on a theme

  • Explore working from your imagination, not relying on observation

  • Learn from classmates by observing their work and through group conversations

  • Experience art-making with simple materials and without any any art background required

Required supplies:

  • Many supplies are included, however you may wish to purchase additional supplies

  • Scissors

  • Elmer’s glue

  • Interesting or decorative papers to share