Collage and Mixed Media

Welcome to the wonderful world of collage, a flexible, adaptive way to work that can refresh your way of seeing and using materials. We will work with ‘common’ materials such as magazines, old papers, old artwork (if available) and non-toxic, water-based supplies. We will discuss color and composition as we move from week to week on our projects, combining papers and mixed media to create our pieces. Each class will include both demos and examples, as well as time for feedback from the instructor and fellow students.

Special Notes

This is an in-person class which will take place onsite at Fleisher. Please review our COVID-19 community safety policies for current guidelines.

Tuition Assistance is Available

To make our classes and workshops accessible to everyone, Fleisher offers tuition assistance every term so that everyone can join our creative community. Tuition assistance applications can be completed once registration is open by clicking here. The deadline to apply for spring term assistance is Friday, March 10; Notifications will be sent by Monday, March 13.

What you will learn:

  • Become familiar with new materials and explore ways of combining them through experimentation

  • Develop a small series of artworks based on a theme

  • Explore working from your imagination, not relying on observation

  • Learn from classmates by observing their work and through group conversations

  • Experience art-making with simple materials and without any any art background required

Required supplies:

  • Many supplies are included, however you may wish to purchase additional supplies.

  • Elmer’s glue

  • Interesting, or decorative papers to share

  • Midway into term you may want to bring in your own discarded art